To customize your Android device and do all other changes we use Xposed Framework. The one with good knowledge of Android can easily install Xposed Framework in Android 6.0 and 6.0.1. so before installing this framework, it is compulsorily recommended to install a custom recovery which is easily available on Google.

Install Xposed Framework On Android 6.0 and 6.0.1 Marshmallow

So, here are the steps to install Xposed Framework on Android 6.0 and 6.0.1 Marshmallow:

  1. Download the Hardware Info application from play store.-

Now click on the Processor tab and the information is displayed which will be having  ARMv7, ARM64, or x86.

  1. Check the settings properly as it differs in every mobile. Now if you have the same processor then download the following files:

After downloading all these files download the following application and install it:

  1. Now switch off your device and wait for few seconds till it completely shut down. Now Press and Hold Volume Up+ Volume Down+ Power On Button(if you are using another device like Nexus Devices or any other device with the same interface).

If Samsung then Press Volume Up+ Power Button+ Home  Key.

  • For Samsung users, custom recovery page will open. For Nexus or other users, bootloader screen will appear.

  • Click Volume Down Button Twice and click on Recovery mode. Now Press Power Button which will reboot your device in recovery mode only if you have installed recovery on your device.


  • Now if you are using TWRP recovery then an install button appears.

  • Search and click for your file in SD card which might be present in Download folder.

  • To install the file in your android Swipe in the Right.

  • This method will take maximum 5 minutes to process.
  • If you find any issues then it is possible that you might have downloaded wrong files.
  • Now after that Reboot your device which will take few minutes.

  1. Now Install the application of Xposed installer in your device and click on Install and Reboot your gadget. Now your device is set to download the modules and do the customization.

Steps to Uninstall Xposed Framework From Your Device

Many applications sometimes create a problem for users as they detect the Xposed Framework and hence don’t allow to sign up. Like Snap chat is the one which barricades users to sign up when it detects Xposed framework. So to uninstall this framework for this not so good feature of Xposed installer following are the steps:

  1. Download the required files according to your device from the following:
  1. Now switch off your gadget and boot it into recovery mode.
  2. Press and Hold Volume Up+ Volume Down+ Power On Button and then it will reboot into recovery mode.
  3. After this select the recovery and click on install button.
  4. Now clear Dalvik Cache and reboot your device.
  5. Your gadget has now successfully uninstalled the Xposed Framework.


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